Wedding Budget 101: Stay Within Your Wedding Budget With These 5 Easy Ways

From Guest Blooger Daniel Clark:

There’s absolutely no doubt that wedding expenses today are even higher than a down payment of a house. In between the cost of food, flower arrangements and venue, a complete wedding budget can be ceased up with just little left for other important stuff that makes your day a huge event. And, if you don’t want to settle on a sit down dinner or on location that you dreamed of having as a part of your wedding reception since your were 10, then here are few steps that can help you endure your budget and still have your dream wedding transform into reality.


Consider a Videographer Rather Than Photographer

Most videographers nowadays are almost about half the price than the photographers. So, if a photography package is of $3000, then it’s very much likely that you’ll find a videographer half the price. The important thing here is to find a videographer who is capable and has the technology to click pictures in your wedding videos and turn them into images. This is not a unique or complicated process, it’s just important to know if the videographer has a computer setup to achieve it. Or, it’s even better if you could do it yourself once you receive your wedding video from the videographer.

Consider Second Hand Dress

Now, opting for a second hand dress doesn’t mean that you will be compromising on style, elegance or on the condition of the dress. There are numerous brides willing to sell their dresses after the wedding. And, for the most part, such dresses have been worn only for few hours. How it can save you money you ask? For instance, wedding dresses can be compared with the cars. The minute you drive your new car loses a large amount of its value, and so are the wedding dresses! Therefore, opting for a second hand dress can really save some good bucks to spend on other important stuffs.

Order Flowers Depending On The Season

When planning a wedding reception, look up for what flowers are going to be in the season. Luxury florist always have season-wise flowers ready-to-deliver and at much lower rates than those which are out of season. And, make sure to do your homework ahead of the time and plan out the things consequently.

Consider a Smaller Bridal Party

Most couples who are about to get married are very excited for their big day and want to share it with as many friends and family as possible. A large bridal party of course makes for a great photo with great bachelorette and bachelor parties. Nevertheless, the bigger the party is, the bigger the expenses will be. Each groomsmen will need a boutonniere and each bridesmaid will need a bouquet, and this obviously is going to increase your flower expenses. Additionally, there will also be some expenses for giving traditional bridal party gifts to all the attendees and of course, the cost of rehearsal dinner, we can’t forget about that right? Picking only one or two attendants will reduce your overall expenses and will let you take those bucks and invest in more costly elements of the wedding such as food or the location.

Order Wedding Invitations Online

Wedding invitations can really chew-up large amount of your wedding budget. The customized ones run in thousands of pounds. However, ordering your wedding invitations online is a great way to save good money with almost same quality and similar products at 50% or 70% cheaper prices. Unlike physical stores, online stores don’t have the overhead expenses, so they can pass along the savings to their customers. That’s why; the invitations found online are at much cheaper prices.

Final Thoughts!

While the wedding day is supposed to be about you and your partner, I’ve noticed that couples get sucked in the competitive aspects. Some couples have more funds, but there is nothing wrong about having a small wedding budget. As fun as it is to be a guest, but the special day should be about you. And, if you happened to be on a small budget, your best bet would be to do things yourself as much as possible with help of your friends and family.


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